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Need to sell your house fast in the Jacksonville AR? We buy houses & land in Central Arkansas. Paranova Property Buyer is a local family-owned home buying company based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Built upon a foundation of compassion and integrity, Paranova Property Buyers are dedicated to helping you find solutions to your housing needs. As a local business, we know the kind of obstacles you may be facing and know that you may not have the time or resources to renovate and market your home.

We understand that many Jacksonville residents have to make quick, decisive changes and may be concerned about their ability to sell their home. We buy real estate and land in any condition and without any additional fees. In some cases, we can make a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

Meet Andrew - Owner of Paranova Property Buyers

“Immigrated to America from China when I was 19. Graduated from University of Central Arkansas. Love how much democracy & freedom America offers, and the equal opportunity of the American dream for those honest & hardworking newcomers. Here to make America an even better place thru solving people’s real estate problems.”

Our SIMPLE 3 Step Process


1. Get in contact.

You can get started by completing our straightforward form or dialing (501) 314-8710.


2. Meet with us.

We will work together to find the earliest convenient time for us to meet with you and to see your home. This is not a commitment to working with us but gives us the opportunity to get know you and your home.


3. Receive your cash offer.

After we have met and determined your eligibility, we can make you a cash offer for your home with no strings-attached. The offer is FREE and is entirely left up to you to accept.

Sell Home Quick In Jacksonville Arkansas

Or Call Us At (501) 314-8710

Some situations you may be facing as a seller:

Home of the Little Rock Air Force Base, many families need to know how to sell their house fast in Jacksonville, Arkansas. When you are a member of the military, your timelines can change quickly. Whether it’s a deployment or transfer, these transitions can seem overwhelming. The need to pack up and move on a moment’s notice can be difficult to handle when it’s just one person. This stress is only magnified when you have a whole family to relocate. You have to worry about getting a home in your new location and selling your old one! Furthermore, you have to do this quickly.

The many moves military families may face can lead them to states where they are unfamiliar. Navigating the real estate market can be difficult when it is in your home state. This is only magnified when you are selling in a place you have only been in for two years. Moreover, you may be trying to balance your long-term goals with what is realistic based on military re-locations. Should you rent out the house? Will you be able to return later down the line? Or, should you sell and focus on property in your next location? What if you are single and are deploying? Do you keep your house? Paranova Property Buyers wants to help you as you navigate these difficult decisions.


When You Have to Move Fast

According to Veterans United, one of the major concerns of military personnel is the possibility of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). In addition to the general inconvenience of a PCS, you may receive one relatively quickly after buying a home. This may result in a quick turnover–you buy quickly and you sell quickly. When you feel rushed to make these decisions, you may feel more restricted in your options. Do you have the time to worry about profit or what best fits your needs?

If you are feeling rushed and out of options you may want to do the following:

  • Set your selling price really low

  • Avoid repairs and updates.

  • Take the first offer you get.

  • Rush through the process.

  • Not take the time to take good, aesthetically pleasing photos of your property.

  • Neglect cleaning and setting up your home for views

  • Let the time crunch lead you to emotional instead of rational decisions.


Let’s face it. No one would blame you for any of these! When your plans change quickly and do so beyond your control–what choice do you have? All you know is you need to sell your house fast in Jacksonville; that is your end-goal. Frankly, you are doing what you think is realistic. Who has time to take the perfect picture of the kitchen island? We get it. Making repairs and deep cleaning your home may not only seem time-consuming but unattainable in your circumstances. But wait. There is good news. Just because you don’t have time to do these things doesn’t mean you can’t sell your house fast. What if I told you that could sell fast without all of these steps? This is not blind optimism or naivete. It is highlighting options you may not have considered before.

What is the dream scenario for selling your house in Jacksonville?

Your house is in beautiful condition. It needs no repairs, it is spotless, and it’s modern. Furthermore, it’s in a neighborhood that is in close proximity to good schools and other necessities. Maybe it even has the perfect view (remember we are talking about the dream here). So, not only do you have to do very little work on your home but you can sell it for a high price just how it is. Its prime condition leads to many offers and you get your asking price. Better yet, you get offers instantly. The whole process is smooth like a jar of creamy peanut butter.

Three Soldiers

The upside of not living this dream scenario...

Most of us have a jar of peanut butter that is on the nuttier side. It’s chunky, it’s uneven. It may have a long way to go before you reach smooth perfection. Paranova Property Buyers actually want the imperfection, the house that needs a lot of work. We are not scared off by the following.

  1. Needed repairs
  2. Peeling paint
  3. Outdated kitchen & bathrooms
  4. A lack of cleanliness

Okay, so most individuals choose to go the realtor route. According to the National Association of Realtors, 89% of house sellers used a realtor in 2019. A realtor can do a lot for you. They have a clientele they can reach and they know the market. However, if your house is in poor condition, even they will likely have a hard time selling it.

If you are selling your house and it needs work it does not mean you have to settle. Instead, you can work with Paranova Property Buyers who will take your house as-is and give you a cash offer. Opposed to buyers who want a house in its best possible condition right away, Paranova Property Buyers buys your house for its potential. Remember all those repairs and extra steps that help increase the value of your home? Well, those are exactly the kind of projects we want to take on for you. We are not necessarily buying your home for how it is but for how it could be.

While you may still get an offer from other buyers who are just looking for a home to live in, this may take longer than it would with Paranova Property Buyers. Furthermore, with us, you don’t have to worry about that pesky, squeaky door, or the house’s need for a deep clean. In addition, we can also work with individuals who bought their homes utilizing a VA loan.

What is different about a VA loan?

Many individuals in the military choose to use a VA loan when purchasing their home. VA loans offer a number of advantages to their users.

  1. A down payment is not required.
  2. Low interest rates.
  3. No mortgage insurance stipulation.
  4. Low credit scores accepted.

While VA loans provide a number of advantages as a buyer, they can also provide some benefits as a seller. For example, if you are having difficulty making your payments on your VA loan, we can come in and help. In light of the current pandemic, many are facing extreme financial hardship. If you are struggling to stay on top of your payments, you are far from alone. Currently, the unemployment rate in AR is estimated to be at 8%. Whatever your situation, we are in unprecedented times and we could all use some help. Paranova Property Buyers may be able to come in and give you that much-needed aid.

What if I’m not in the military?

While a large number living in Jacksonville may be affiliated with the military, many are not. If you are not a member of the military and need to sell your house fast in Jacksonville we can still help! Current statistics on real estate in Jacksonville reflect that house prices tend to be lower than the national average. On a related note, many of the homes were built before the year 2000, so if your home is newer that may give you an advantage. There is also an issue of vacant homes in Jacksonville which can affect your ability to sell your house fast in Jacksonville. If you are experiencing difficulty selling your home, give us a call at (501) 314-8710 and we can discuss solutions.

Unlike the other house buyer companies,
We help hardworking families achieve American dream of home ownership.

While Paranova Property Buyers is known for buying homes, we also resell properties to mortgage un-qualified buyers thru either Lease Option or Seller Financing. According to US Census, 35% of Americans are not qualified for a home mortgage. Many hardworking families, here in our Central Arkansas community, fall into that 35% category unfortunately. We’re here to help those to navigate and achieve the American dream of home ownership.

Why Paranova Property Buyers?


A Simple, Clear Contract.

Our top priority is making sure you are at ease throughout the process and have no lingering questions about what you are signing. We want you to be confident when you accept our offer.


No Additional Fees.

Unlike most other options, we do not charge you any closing costs, commissions, or other unexpected charges.


We Want Your House As-Is.

We want to meet you where you and your home are at right now. We can buy your home in any condition!


We Work with Your Timeline

We know you may need to close fast and we are happy to accommodate! In some cases, we can complete the process in as few as 7 days.


A Quick and Clear Buying Process

We can make a cash offer quickly and help you sell your house with ease! You can call (501) 314-8710 to find out more.


Integrity and Professionalism.

We value and respect our customers above all else. We conduct business in an honest manner, making sure you are placed above all other concerns. We are deeply committed to working with you compassionately and with integrity.

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