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– Andrew Yu

We are your trusted house buyers company in the Little Rock metro area. We buy both houses and land. But more accurately, we see ourselves as a real estate solution company that serves our Central Arkansas community. Finding solutions to homeowner’s real estate problem is our specialty.

We are committed to learning as much as we can to properly handle each and every situation we come across. So when you sell to us, you can be sure that we are completely capable of handling any situation you are facing.
It doesn’t matter if you are:

Or simply just want to sell your unwanted house in Little Rock metro area. We can HANDLE IT ALL!

As the premier Central Arkansas home buying company, we strive to provide a win-win solution for you to get out of those sticky situations. We treat everyone fairly and honestly. Our job is to provide a quick and easy solution, so you can move on with your life and do the things you love.

Every homeowner we help becomes part of our family. We hope to talk with you soon about selling your house, and that you become a great addition to our local family.


As your trusted house buyers in the Little Rock metro area, we abide by our core values which are Integrity, Solution and Compassion. We will not only help you eliminate the stress a house is causing you, but we will provide a great experience as well.

INTEGRITY  – Our business is built on transparency and honesty. Losing trust from our Central Arkansas community, for whatever reason, would be the biggest failure on our part. 

SOLUTION – People sell their house due to a variety of reasons. But many years of knowledge & expertise in the industry has enabled us to solve these unique real estate problems that average homeowners have. 

COMPASSION – We treat and advise homeowners as if they were close friends and family. Let’s be honest, sometimes selling to us may not be the best option. We won’t be able to purchase every house we come across. But we don’t wanna see homeowners stuck with their unwanted house. So we offer free consultation on best options available for their interest.


We buy properties to remodel (if necessary) and resell to mortgage qualified buyers. Here are some pictures from our past projects.


We buy properties to remodel (if necessary) and resell to mortgage un-qualified buyers thru either Lease Option or Seller Financing. According to US Census, 35% of Americans are not qualified for a home mortgage. Many hardworking families, here in our Central Arkansas community, fall into that 35% category unfortunately. We’re here to help those navigate and achieve the American dream of home ownership.

We partner with other investors who are looking to remodel or invest in real estate like ourselves. If yourself are interested in real estate investment, and seeking opportunities to get involved. You can contact us at here.


Meet Andrew
"Founder and Owner"

Andrew was born and raised in Yantai China. He immigrated to America when he was 19. Graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Management Information Systems degree, he has been living in Arkansas ever since.

During his spare time, Andrew enjoys teaching (and practicing) Taekwondo and Gracie Jiu Jitsu to kids and adults. He loves how much martial arts have changed his and his students’ lives. It taught kids how to stand up against bullies verbally and physically. And it boosted adult students’ overall confidence in dealing life difficulties through consistent training and competition.

The Problem...

Andrew also really likes to travel and experience different cultures. With frequent travel and him living in two countries for well over three decades, he realized real estate and housing problems are a common theme across countries. About 35% of the US population are not able to own a home, due to them not qualifying for a bank mortgage loan. No matter how good their work ethic is, or how much their family savings are… Meanwhile, we have homeowners needing to sell their house due to special life circumstances.

The Solution...

Andrew realized if he can buy and fix up these properties, and resell to those under-served hardworking families with in-house financing… It could solve the real estate problems for both sides, and bridge the gap of American home ownership. That’s how Andrew’s house buying company started.

Homeowner’s property sometimes can become a burden. Sometimes houses become “underwater”. Or sometimes families inherit a house from a loved one that they just can’t afford to maintain. Sometimes families need to move, and don’t have the time to repair their properties and put them on the market. Or sometimes families face challenges like divorce, and they need to quickly sell the house to wrap up the situation… Those and many more situations put families in turmoil.

But finding solutions to homeowner’s pressing real estate issues is Andrew’s specialty. With guiding principles of integrity, solution and compassion, he has bought many houses from central Arkansas homeowners, regardless of condition of the property. If you own a house and need to sell, he looks forward to talking with you and seeing how he can be of service to you.

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