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How Can I Sell My House To An Investor In Central Arkansas

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If there is one thing that is certain about the Central Arkansas real estate market, it’s the fact that it is a buyer’s market. Yes, there has been a gradual shift in market trends recently, but the general consensus is still in favour of buyers. This may prove to be tricky as most people no longer keep a property in their family for generations, one handing it down to the next. Recently many people buy property for convenience or with the plan to sell when the time comes for them to move.

Bearing this in mind, you can understand why it may be difficult to sell your property in Central Arkansas. You may end up waiting for ages to get a price which you deem to be fair for your property simply because there are just too many options for buyer’s to choose from.

Growing Solution

Recently, more and more homeowners seem to be finding it wiser to sell their property to real estate investors. Central Arkansas has many reputable and trustworthy real estate investors such as “Paranova Property Buyers”  who could purchase your property for a price that best represents its value, or help you sell your property. Essentially real estate investors are independent investors who purchase homes, repair them and then use them to generate income. This is typically done by leasing them as rental units or selling them for profit.

The Selling Procedure

The procedure for selling to real estate investors is also relatively simple. All you need to do is provide them with about your home and personal situation. The investor will then do a proper appraisal of your property and determine a fair value which factors any necessary repair costs. If this proposal closely matches the expectations of the seller, then the property is as good as sold within as little as 7 days.

How Quick Is It?

This procedure is comparatively very fast, usually lasting between 7-12 days, and that’s not even the best part. While working with real estate investors, you do not need to worry about paying any fees or commissions. The investor himself covers the closing costs, and then pays up the agreed amount in cash!

Important To Know

It is important to note that the primary objective of investors is to make profit. More often than not they will seek to buy houses at a slight discount in order to increase their margin of profit while selling. At face value, this may seem like a rip-off, but when you take into account the extra mortgage payments, utilities and maintenance costs, then selling at a slight discount now may actually ensure you save more money in the long run.


Real estate investors also present the advantage of flat closing. There are no negotiations in “as is” sales (transactions wherein investors buy your property as it is and assume all necessary costs), so once a fee is agreed the deal can be closed quickly. By selling your home to a real estate investor, you’re saving yourself from possible months of bills.

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